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Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

triple wall polycarbonate sheetTriple wall polycarbonate sheet makes for an excellent choice when it comes to the selection of roofing materials and window panels in a wide variety of locations. This is mainly because of the large number of unique benefits that this type of polycarbonate sheet provides to its users over the normal variant of polycarbonate. Thus, triple wall installations not only provide greater utility than the installations of other materials such as glass and acrylics but score high on their single wall polycarbonate variants as well. The flexible and yet unbreakable nature of the triple wall polycarbonate sheet has given its users endless possibilities when it comes to its uses. The very nature of this type of polycarbonate sheets have made them ideal for installation as patio roof covers, as canopies on the conservatories and greenhouses, roofing over atriums and swimming pool enclosures, and a variety of other possible applications. Users can opt to benefit from its ability to transmit high percentage of incident light or take advantage of its ability to provide natural protection against harmful solar radiations.  

Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sheet Advantages

bronze triple wall polycarbonate sheetThe triple wall polycarbonate sheet can function excellently as the perfect thermal insulation installations. The air trapped between the different layers of the polycarbonate sheets gives it the unique insulation to heat and makes it the right choice for any installations. Thus, rooms or buildings having this material for their roofing or window panel are bound to experience better insulation against swing in temperature outside. Thus, it can help in cutting down on the energy cost spent in keeping any enclosed spaces’ temperature oblivious to the conditions outside. Apart from being extremely efficient as thermal insulator, these polycarbonate sheets naturally block the UV rays of the sun. Thus, things stored inside spaces that have the triple polycarbonate sheet on roofs and windows generally takes longer to get yellow because of damage caused by UV. The polycarbonate sheets having multiple walls are also much more resistant to the natural elements such as storms and hailstorms compared to other materials such as glass and acrylic. They also weigh much less, which combined with their unbreakable nature makes them the perfect choice for materials suited for roof covers. The triple wall polycarbonate sheet also provides excellent resistance to fire, which can be extremely valuable. They can last for years at a stretch without requiring much maintenance, which helps the buyers in realizing their initial investments. Their flexible nature makes them much easier to transport and install. Thus, these polycarbonate sheets can be ideal for those users who are looking for something durable and yet suitable enough for installation on their roof and in windows.

Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sheet Properties

Generally, multi-wall polycarbonate triple wall sheet thicknesses are 6mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 16 mm and 20 mm and provide even greater thermal insulation properties than twin wall product.  All triple wall products provide high light transmission, good thermal insulation, high temperature resistance, high impact strength (hail resistance) and can have our min-dew coating which eliminates condensation and water droplets. While increasing thermal insulation properties, triple wall still lets the light in with a minimal drop of light transmission versus the twin wall product. It is the most economical grade of multi-wall sheet available; it comes with a 10 year warranty against yellowing and damage from hail.

Light Transmission Chart of Triple Wall Polycarbonate Panels

triple wall polycarbonate sheet chart

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